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Q&A: Has anyone tried applying Androgel to their genitalia & what was the effect?


I was told by the Dr. that her husband applies [Androgel] twice a day to his [genitalia]* and has better results, Has anyone else tried that and what was the effects?

*Note: question re-phrased slightly

Answer by James from TfTM on 5/10/2012:

I just want to add here that I had heard of applying androgel or other T-gels to your genitals for growth, and I have tried it. There are three reasons not to do this. 1) the extra DHT may lead to increased hair loss, 2) there is no proof (that I have found) that it works, and 3) IT STINGS, IT BURNS, and it throws off your ph-balance, which may lead to a yeast infection. So… don’t do it. If you are concerned with growth, ask your doctor about a compound cream. When used with pumping, I have heard good things. However, I have not tried the cream myself. I have tried pumping, but that is for another post.

Answer by Nash from TfTM on 3/19/2012:

Here’s a quote from the Common Questions about Androgel page on the Androgel site about where to apply it:

  • Apply to shoulders, upper arms, and/or stomach area only
    • Do not apply to any other areas of the body such as your penis or scrotum

Answer by Lee Penman (@LeePenman1) on 3/17/2012:

This is somewhat akin to asking if you inject [testosterone] in your biceps will they grow :) In other words no…plus it will STING

Answer by MK from TfTM on 3/15/2012:

My return question to you would be what “results” are you looking for? I imagine she might mean that her husband had more erections, but the result a lot of trans men are looking for is genitalia/dick/clit growth.

I have not heard of anyone applying androgel to their genitalia for erections or for growth. If growth is the main concern, I’ve heard that doctors recommend DHT cream to patients (this developed out of a need for a certain dick/clit size before bottom surgery/metoidoplasty could be performed). I’ve also heard more about using penis pumps to increase size over time. Here’s a great blogpost from a prolific and informative guy about DHT:


I’d note that DHT is a controlled substance in North America (much like Androgel, testosterone, etc.), so cannot be purchased legally without a prescription. This particular blogger had to find a third party compounding pharmacy to create the cream for him.

However, I can’t say that Androgel doesn’t cause erections or growth because I haven’t tried it or heard of guys who have; I just know that bottom surgery doctors tend to prescribe DHT.

Consider that anything alcohol-based (like Androgel) would likely create a burning sensation on your genitals. I haven’t heard any reports about how tolerable this pain is…no pain, no gain, right? That’s probably why there isn’t much out there on Androgel or Testim use on genitals.

My research suggests that DHT or generic “t creams” created by compounding apothecaries like the online Women’s International Pharmacy that has been mentioned as a resource on this website are most commonly used and do yield growth results. “Cream” being the key word — as in, not alcohol based.

For instance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMQ7a-2i594&feature=relmfu [not agreeing or disagreeing with anything bloggers or commenters say, just pointing this out as a reference.]

My other common sense answer to this is: if a doctor is okay with her [cis-gender?] husband applying it to his genitalia (the head of which is as sensitive as a clit), then it probably wouldn’t cause damage. If the worst that could happen is discomfort and potentially no growth, then nothing gained is nothing lost (presuming growth is what you’re asking about). However, I am NOT a doctor so I wouldn’t tell you to go and do this, just a few thoughts.

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