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Resource: 2013 Transgender Conference Calendar

Contributor: Zaac

Conferences and retreats can provide great opportunities for fostering connections, sharing information, developing leadership and advocacy skills, furthering your knowledge of self and developing lasting relationships with others.

Below is a list of transgender and trans-inclusive LGBT conferences/retreats* in 2013 that offer workshops and information for transmen, their friends, families, providers, and and/or allies. Some of the conferences may have already come and gone, but I wanted to include them here so you can prepare for next year if something piques your interest.

If you know of any conferences not listed here (especially those in rural US areas and those outside of the US), please leave a comment below so we can add them to our list. I’ll also update this post periodically as dates are announced for additional conferences.

Happy travels!

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Resource: The Barber Shop – an online community for FTM identifying individuals & their allies

Via Art of Transliness Tumblr


An online community for FTM indentifying individuals, their supporters and allies.


Check it out >>.

Resource: TS Surgery Guide

TSSurgeryGuide.com (TSSG) is a site devoted to collecting information on surgeons that serve the transgender community. TSSG’s mission is to provide transsexual and transgender individuals with the ability to select the right surgeon for them. Reviews are collected by and for the community to help educate about available doctors, what they offer, and their requirements for surgery.

TS Surgery Guide Logo


TSSG also includes ideas for how to afford SRS (sex reassignment surgery), FFS (facial feminization surgery), mastectomy, and breast implants.

Visit TS Surgery Guide online to learn about options for surgeons. And, if you do have a review or a surgeon to add, post to the site or email info@tssurgeryguide.com. Contributing to collaborative sites run by and for the trans* community helps keep vital and relevant information available for us all!

Resource: Women’s International Pharmacy Androgel Alternative

Interested in Androgel but can’t afford it? Here’s a resource to consider. The Women’s International Pharmacy (WIP) is an online pharmacy that describes itself as providing “Custom Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Compounds for Men and Women”. This pharmacy was recommended to me by a doctor while I was seeking Androgel. I was informed that WIP carries its own testosterone cream compound that is similar to Androgel — but can be more affordable out-of-pocket.

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Resource: The Safe2Pee Project

Given the recent Tip Series on Bathrooms, I wanted to put a plug in here for a website that I think has such a great concept. This is, of course, the Safe2Pee project. Like TfTM, Safe2Pee is a project run by and for trans people. And, like TfTM, they’re thinking about public restrooms.

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